Sunday, October 15, 2006

David Leaving

Today is the day that David left on the first leg of his trip. It is a sad day for all of us. This afternoon, he goes to Norfolk, VA for a week. After that, he goes to Ft. Hauchuca, AZ for 3 weeks. In November, he will be home for a week before he goes to Ft. Jackson for 2 weeks for some more training. After that, he will will be Kuwait for about 10 days and then off to Iraq.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


We survived out first official family vacation. (We won’t mention the time that we were kicked out of the hotel on Cape Cod.) We stayed at the Shades of Green Resort in Disney. Shades of Green caters to military. The price was pretty good at $104.00 a night for O-4s and above. I wouldn’t recommend eating at the restaurant though—very expensive and not very good. Also, don’t plan on saving money by stocking up the ‘fridge in the room—it is ridiculously small and there is no microwaves to be found in the hotel. David had to go to the employee’s cafeteria just to heat up Madison’s milk.

We did learn a couple of important lessons learned for enjoying Disney—Camelbaks are a must for the kids. Sure people looked at us if we were weird (I guess camelbaks are not as common in the civilian world. The kids loved them and they stayed cool and collected for the entire day. Also, if you stay in a Disney resort, you get to enter certain parts an hour early. We were able to get the majority of our rides in during that first hour.

These are some of the pictures from our trip to Disney